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Frequently Asked Questions


How can I sign up for this program?
We are not seeking new participants. You must have an invitation in order to log in. If you don’t have an invitation you can still help improve macOS by joining the Apple Beta Software Program at
Do I have to pay a fee to join the program or pay for software?
No. Both the program and software are free. All we ask is that you provide us with your feedback.
What kind of compensation do I receive for testing?
This program is voluntary. There is no compensation for your participation.
Can I give the software to other people in my company to test?
No. The Apple Beta Software Agreement is between you, an individual, and Apple. It doesn’t permit you to distribute the software in any form to anyone without prior permission from Apple.
What kind of help is available if I have problems with the seeded software?
Once you’re selected for a product seed, you will be granted access to a list of known issues, a discussion board, and release notes.
What’s the difference between this program and ADC (Apple Developer Connection)?
There is no relation between the two programs. You may participate in both. However, if you are developing a product of your own, it is in your best interest to work with ADC. This program is designed for customers, not developers.
What’s the difference between this program and the Apple Beta Software Program?
This program is by invitation only and lets users test a variety of pre-release software ranging from OS releases to updates for apps. The Apple Beta Software Program is open to anyone with a valid Apple ID and is primarily focused on letting users submit feedback on pre-release versions of macOS.

Sign In

How do I sign in with an Apple ID?
Our AppleSeed sign in process has changed. In order to sign in, you must have an invitation code. You will receive an email that contains an invitation code, that will link your Apple ID to our Program. Your invitation email will contain a button that will take you to the sign-in page, and automatically enter your invitation code for you.
If you have an Apple ID
Follow the instructions in the email you receive.
If you DO NOT have an Apple ID
Click Here to set up a new Apple ID.
If you have MULTIPLE Apple IDs
Please select the one that you would like to use with the AppleSeed Program and log in.
How do I change my Apple ID password?
This information is managed by you at
How do I change my contact information?
This information is now managed by you at
Why am I having trouble signing in?
If you keep getting directed back to the log in page, check to make sure you have cookies enabled.
How do I make sure that AppleSeed is aware of my contact information changes at
This happens automatically each time you log in at Also, on the contact info screen, you can click the "Refresh Info" link. It is important that you refresh your information if you are changing the address where we ship you software.
If I edit my address information at, which address will AppleSeed use if they need to ship software to me? My primary address or my shipping address?
AppleSeed will use your Apple ID shipping address. If the Apple ID shipping address is blank, we will use your Apple ID primary address. When you view your address information at, we display both your Apple ID shipping address and primary address for your convenience.
Will I have to maintain multiple user accounts for
Once your AppleSeed and Apple ID accounts are linked, you will only need your Apple ID in order to log in.

Submitting Feedback

How will I be able to provide feedback?
We will provide appropriate forums based on the product team’s needs. We have web forms, discussion lists, mailing lists, engineering questionnaires, and bug reporting tools. You will receive specific instructions for each software seeding project.
How much time will I need to spend providing feedback?
Each product seed will have some period of time during which we will accept feedback and we require your feedback as soon as possible. You’ll need to allocate time for installation, review of release notes and known issues, actual testing with normal use, and finally sending us your feedback. The amount of time will vary for each customer and each product.